Deputy Defence Minister, Senior Lieutenant-General Truong Quang Khanh on Aug. 8 received a veteran delegation from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus who helped Vietnam in the resistance war against the US.

The delegation is on a visit to Vietnam at the invitation of the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence.

At the reception, Khanh said that during the fighting for national liberation and freedom, the Vietnamese people and People’s Army received the wholehearted and effective support of many international friends, especially from the Soviet Union and socialist countries. The three countries of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus brought thousands of experts and military advisors to help the country, contributing to the victory of the war against US.

The visit was also a chance for the veterans to see and share in the achievements of building and protecting the nation of Vietnamese people, he added.

The deputy defence minister also expressed hopes that the Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian veterans continue sharing their experience with Vietnamese military officers, contributing to strengthening mutual understanding as well as boosting the traditional friendship and cooperation between the nations and armies.

The guests emphasised that Vietnam is one among few countries which still remembers and treasures the support of the Soviet Union. They expressed wishes that under the leadership of the Vietnam Communist Party, the Vietnam People’s Army will gain great success in the process of building a country of peace, independence, democracy, socialism and prosperity.-VNA