After suffering heavy losses from shrimp farming in 2004, Hoang Van Tuan and his family left their homeland to start up again in Thanh Hoa province. After more than 10 years, all their hard work has paid off. 

In his second start-up, different from shrimp farming, Tuan had to learn from other models. Making full use of forest resources, he has developed both cultivation and animal husbandary farms, which earned him an income 8 to 10 times higher than regular business. For him, each step is carefully made so as to make his dream of poverty alleviation come true, not only for him but also for others.

Tuan has generated jobs for hundreds of local people, improving their income. 

Recalling the first days on his land, Tuan still cannot believe that his family has overcome all those obstacles. He said he will study more new plant varieties to help himself and others improve their lives.-VNA