The Police Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Public Security on September 27 announced that it started probing some former executives of the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB).

They are former Chairman Tran Xuan Gia and former Vice Chairmen Le Vu Ky, Trinh Kim Quang and Pham Trung Cang.

According to the Agency, these former executives approved the authorisation for their employees to deposit more than 718.9 billion VND (34 million USD) with Vietinbank.

The deposited money was appropriated by Huynh Thi Huyen Nhu and her accomplices, who faced prosecution under decision No. 04/C46 (P10) dated September 28, 2011.

The former ACB executives’ approval caused extremely severe consequences as it affected the monetary security and directly incurred a loss of 718.9 billion VND to ACB.

Earlier, the Police Investigation Agency prosecuted and detained Ly Xuan Hai, former CEO of ACB, for his role in the case and in charge of intentionally violating the State’s regulation on economic management causing serious consequences under Article 165 of the Criminal Code.

The Agency also prosecuted and arrested Nguyen Duc Kien, former Vice Chair of the founding council of ACB, on the same charge.

Nguyen Duc Kien also faced another charge of fraud under Article 139 of the Criminal Code.

The Police Investigation Agency said that the case was closely instructed by the Prime Minister and that all legal violations attempting to control banks and trouble the national monetary policy will be punished stringently.

At the press briefing on the Government’s regular meeting, Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Vu Duc Dam said the move was one of activities to make the banking system healthy.-VNA