The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) presented “For Peace and Friendship among Nations” to former Caracas guerrilla Noel Quintero of Venezuela on May 4.

Noel Quintero was honoured with VUFO’s noble distinction for his friendship and revolutionary spirit as well as his contributions to Vietnam’s national liberation and reunification movement in the past and enhancing solidarity and cooperation between Vietnam and Venezuela at present.

In October 1964, Noel Quintero and his comrades captured US Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Smolen to demand for the release of Vietnam’s national hero Nguyen Van Troi, who had sentenced to death by the former Vietnam Republic government for assassination of Defence Secretary Robert McNamara.

Though failed, the action was of great encouragement to the Vietnamese people in its struggle against the US aggressors for national independence.

Addressing the function, Noel Quintero, who is also founding member of Venezuela-Vietnam Friendship and Solidarity Association, affirmed that he would make more contributions to strengthening mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries./.