Former French ambassador shares experience on COVID-19 treatment in Vietnam hinh anh 1Former French Ambassador to Vietnam Jean-Noël Poirier (L) (Photo: Dang Duong/VietnamPlus)

Hanoi (VNA) –
The 17-day treatment of COVID-19 at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Hanoi is an unforgettable memory for former French Ambassador to Vietnam Jean-Noël Poirier.

Among the 16 COVID-19 patients discharged from hospital on April 10, a special figure was former French Ambassador to Vietnam Jean-Noël Poirier. The ex-politician, who has a lot of sentiments for Vietnam, recounted what he had experienced over the past 30 days.

The former ambassador landed at Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) on March 12 morning. However, in the context of COVID-19 spreading across the world, the French diplomat, despite showing no symptoms of the disease, still filled in the health declaration form and had his body temperature checked before entering Vietnam. At that time, there were no quarantine regulations and compulsory medical examination for people coming from abroad.

On March 17, the Vietnamese Government requested all passengers from France to visit medical facilities for health declaration and check-up. On March 20, after undergoing health examination, the former ambassador started self-quarantine at his home.

However, on March 24 evening, he was informed that he was tested positive for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 after three tests. He became the 148th patient in Vietnam.

He shared that he was very shocked when receiving the test results. Immediately, two medical workers came to his house and took him to the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases right on the day.

He said he was not worried about his health, but what he thought at first was the health of people having close contact with him in the previous days and they could be contracted the disease and must undergo concentrated quarantine.

Unforgettable memories

The French diplomat was brought to a treatment room with 4-5 other patients. His life at the hospital had totally changed when he was just around with medical procedures and exchanges with doctors.

Both doctors and patients must strictly follow preventive measures at the hospital. Tests were conducted once in three days to help patients understand about their health status. Doctors always asked patients to restrict unnecessary outgoing from their rooms to prevent cross transmission to health workers. Therefore, all had to arrange their time scientifically, the ambassador said.

Gradually, the diplomat said, he had set up his own timetable: reading books for at least one hour in the morning, studying information on Vietnamese press in the afternoon, and doing exercises for about 30 minutes at 17:00 and watching movies in the evening.

He expressed his absolute belief in the COVID-19 treatment method in Vietnam. He said Vietnamese doctors seriously followed a reasonable treatment regimen, which helped all people fully aware of the disease.

Special experiences

On April 10, nearly one month since he returned to Vietnam, Jean-Noël Poirier was finally tested negative for the coronavirus. The 17-day treatment at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases is truly an unforgettable memory for him.

He said he really admired the responsibility of Vietnamese health workers. All doctors and nurses were working as if they were fighting in the battlefield. They worked all days of the week without resting. Many had to sleep at the hospital, he said. 

Former French ambassador shares experience on COVID-19 treatment in Vietnam hinh anh 2Former French Ambassador to Vietnam Jean-Noël Poirier (Photo: Dang Duong/VietnamPlus)

The ambassador sent his gratefulness to Vietnamese doctors and nurses for their remarkable endevours and courage. He said Vietnamese people could be proud of their medical staff.

He will have to self-quarantine at home within 14 days with compulsory health monitoring. A new rhythm of life that does not make him worried as he is excited to experience the sense of peace in Hanoi.

He said he will continue following preventive measures in this period, adding that he wakes up at 7:00, working, and reading at least one hour a day, doing exercises for 40 minutes, and eating healthy.

Jean-Noël Poirier said he suddenly found joy when staying in the kitchen as he had done in France. In such time, these small hobbies became so meaningful.

As of 15:00 on April 17, 198 out of the 268 patients in Vietnam or 73 percent fully recovered./.