Former Vietnamese experts have made great contributions to the Cambodian revolution, and current and future generations should continue boosting the friendship and cooperation between the two countries, said State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

Triet received a delegation from the Liaison Committee for Former Vietnamese Experts in Cambodia in Hanoi on July 18.

The State leader said former Vietnamese experts have the right to be proud of their contributions to international tasks and Cambodia ’s current development achievements bear the hallmark of the contributions of former Vietnamese experts and the sacrifice of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers.

The President recalled that after assisting the Cambodian people in liberating their country in 1979, the Vietnamese Party and State sent tens of thousands of Vietnamese experts in all fields to Cambodia to help the country revive poverty and epidemics.

Vietnamese experts’ contributions have won over the fine feelings of the Cambodian people’s helping boost the friendship and cooperation between the two countries, he said./.