The Bkav Internet Security Corporation officially launched a forum for white-hat hackers, namely , at a seminar in Hanoi on October 29.

The forum was expected to create a useful environment for computer hackers who use their skills to improve cyber security to exchange professional knowledge, code of ethics as well as related legal issues.
According to Nguyen Minh Duc, deputy director of Bkav’s internet security division, the complicated development of global cyber security has forced many countries such as the US, the UK, Germany and China to promptly set up special units on the cyber war.

More than 2,400 websites of agencies and businesses in Vietnam have been hacked so far this year, he said, pointing to the weak and thin contingent of security experts to handle the situation.

The forum expects to lead young people on the right direction to become “white-hat hackers”, thus strengthening cyber security for the country, Duc noted.

The forum provided in-depth knowledge on cyber security such as reverse engineering, malware, website safety, SQL injection and buffer overflow.

Apart from online training courses, the forum will help individuals and web administrators of businesses upgrade information and resolve issues related to information security and safety.

The October 29 White Hat seminar, the first of its kind in Vietnam, drew over 400 experts and young people across the country.-VNA