The Hanoi-based Vietnam National University organised a forum on the role of universities in Green Growth with the participation of the presidents of the group of East Asian universities (BESETOHA) on November 12.

BESETOHA includes China’s Peking University , the Republic of Korea’s Seoul National University, Japan’s University of Tokyo , and the Vietnam National University (VNU).

Addressing the 16 th forum, VNU President Phung Xuan Nha highlighted the role of universities in helping to change growth models by training human resources, conducting research, applying scientific advancements to support the governmental policy-making process, and organising academic activities to connect government and the public.

He asked the four universities to jointly develop in-depth research projects and post-graduate courses on green growth and sustainable development, and consider establishing a green growth forum and an expert exchange programme in this field.

President of the Seoul National University Nak-in Sung suggested the universities regularly share their curricula and research findings. Peking University Vice President Li Yansong added that they should adjust their curricula and education methods and collaborate closely to uphold the strengths of each institution.

Prof. Furuta Motoo from the University of Tokyo said green growth and sustainable development would only be attained if knowledge was combined in both natural and social sciences, which requires universities to clarify and strengthen their role.

The forum also included symposiums on developing curricula on green growth, research cooperation on green technology, and building green growth models.-VNA