Four Chinese tourists arrested for swindling (Source:
HCM City (VNA) – Police in Ho Chi Minh City have arrested four Chinese tourists for swindling on June 27.

The Chinese, including a man and three women, arrived in Vietnam on June 19 and met a Vietnamese named Chau who invited them to join swindling.

On June 25, the group approached a Vietnamese woman and told her that they had a relative who could cure illnesses by performing magic on her belongings.

The gullible victim brought 5 million VND (225 USD) in cash along with three SJC gold bars and a gold bracelet to the swindlers, who asked her to put all the assets into a nylon bag that contained a bottle of what they said to be holy water.

The swindlers then exchanged the nylon bag with a similar-looking one and gave it back to the victim. After returning home, the woman realised she was swindled and reported to the police.

The municipal police made an emergency arrest of the swindlers and is still investigating the case and searching for the man named Chau.-VNA