The struggle for the liberation of South Vietnam and the national reunification of Vietnam 40 year ago was significantly supported by peace-lovers round the world, including activists in the UK. Many of them are still supporting Vietnam as it looks to overcome the aftermaths of the war and continue its rapid development.

Len Aldis, Secretary of the UK-Vietnam Friendship Association, said Vietnam brought peace-lovers in the UK and the world together to protest for the end of the unjust and fierce war.

Aldis joined many anti-US protests during the conflict. Since the war ended, he has taken part in activities to support the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin and campaign for justice on their behalf. He has been honoured for his work with a Friendship Order presented by State President.

Meanwhile, the Medical and Scientific Aid for Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia (MSAVLC) organisation in the city of Coventry has continuously conducted humanitarian activities to help the three Indochinese countries surmount the damage caused by the war.

According to MSAVLC former president Peter Lacy, the organisation’s staff are often present in Vietnam to help children affected by Agent Orange/Dioxin. He said he believes every small donation is helpful for Vietnam in overcoming the problems created by the conflict.-VNA