Four Vietnamese passengers were killed and at least 13 others injured when their bus lost its brakes and hit a cliff in Bolikhamsai Province, Laos on Feb. 23 afternoon.

As of Feb. 24 evening, the injured victims, including the driver, were being treated at the central Nghe An Province's General Friendship Hospital, about 300km from the location of the accident.

Doctor Hoang Kim Tuan from the hospital's Trauma Department told Vietnam News Agency's local correspondent that the victims – suffering from multiple wounds, brain injuries or broken legs and arms – are no longer in critical condition.

The most severe case, a spinal trauma, was transferred to Hanoi for further treatment.

Accounts from some of the victims indicated that the bus, which departed from Nghe An Province to Vientiane on Feb. 23 morning, was carrying nearly 90 passengers although it only has a capacity for 54.

They also said the quality of the bus is poor, noting that there are two punctures during the first 100 kilometres of the journey while travelling down Nahin Pass.

All the passengers, mostly labourers, are from Nghe An Province and headed for Vientiane to work or visit family.

The owners of the bus visited the victims at the hospital on Feb. 24 afternoon.-VNA