FPT Corporation (FPT) on May 20 announced that the company recorded a net profit of 585 billion VND (27 million USD) in the first four months of 2015, an increase of 23 percent over last year.

The company's pre-tax profit during the period through April increased by 14 percent to 884 billion VND (40.9 million USD) over last year.

The company's earnings per share (EPS) also rose by 23 percent to reach 1,700 VND.

In the first four months, FPT's combined revenue rose by 30 percent over last year to 12.6 trillion VND (587 million USD), 107 percent of this year's plan.

FPT set a total revenue target of 39.6 trillion VND (1.83 billion USD) for the year, an increase of 13 percent and a pre-tax profit of 2.85 trillion VND (132 million USD), an increase of 16 percent over last year.

FPT said that the growth of sales in the company's technology sector and distribution-retail sector was the major factor that helped FPT achieve such high profit and revenue.

The technology sector, in the last four months, recorded 2 trillion VND (96.5 million USD) in revenue and 244 billion VND (11.3 million USD) in pre-tax profit, an increase of 43 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

FPT's growing overseas branches was a key factor in the firm's growth. Its overseas business doubled in revenue to 1.3 trillion VND (60 million USD) in the last four months.

FPT is one of Vietnam's leading conglomerates, with affiliates active in software outsourcing, telecommunications, property, education and financial services. Its market capitalisation last year was more than 17.6 trillion VND, or 838 million USD.-VNA