The FPT University will cooperate with Myanmar’s Victoria University College in a plan to open Victoria-FPT University in Yangon this year, the Saigon Times Daily reported.

If the plan is translated into reality, the FPT will be the first university of Vietnam to open an educational institution overseas. The new university is expected to have 120 students in the initial time and 1,000 two years later.

Under the cooperation agreement signed between the two, the FPT will be in charge of curricula, lecturers, teaching activities, quality control and degree granting. Courses will be run in English and many lectures of the FPT University will be dispatched to teach at the Victoria-FPT university.

The courses at the Victoria-FPT University will be similar to the software engineering programmes at the FPT University in Vietnam. Students at the university in Yangon will be able to register for basic courses on information technology and specific courses.

Le Truong Tung, rector of the FPT University under the FPT Group, said enhancing international links was a target the university was working hard to achieve. The university has enrolled some students from African countries for post-graduate programmes.

Commenting on the opportunity for the Victoria-FPT University, Tung said Myanmar was in dire need of skilled employees for the software sector.

“The very first students at Victoria-FPT University are expected to be a batch of the manpower supplies for the country’s development strategy,” he said. In a recent talk to the Daily, chairman of the FPT Group Truong Gia Binh said that the group saw many opportunities in the Myanmar market.

In Myanmar, the FPT plans to get involved in many sectors like what the group has done in Vietnam, including telecom, software, information technology services and education. In other foreign markets, it will focus on software and information technology services.-VNA