FPT Software Malaysia , a subsidiary of FPT Vietnam in Malaysia , will provide IT software solutions worth a total of 1.45 million USD for five local firms in 2010.

The provision of software solutions forms part of the strategic cooperation agreements signed between FPT Software Malaysia and Heitech, Padu, Kompakar, Pernec, Sains and Solsis in Malaysia on Nov. 25.

FPT Software Malaysia is now a provider of IT solutions for taxes and 3,000 business registration forms for the Malaysian government.

Executive Director Phan Hoang Son said the company has managed to fulfil just 20 percent of this year’s revenue target. However, it expects to record a high growth rate in 2010 thanks to the recovery of the world and Malaysian economies, he added.

The director said FPT Software Malaysia sees strong prospects for development ahead. His confidence is buoyed by the economic recovery in Vietnam , a country with which Malaysia shares many similarities./.