French history professor Alain Ruscio has introduced a book entitled “Vo Nguyen Giap – a life” in Paris as part of activities under the “Anti-colonialism Week” starting in France on Feb. 18.

The book compiled by Alain Ruscio from 1979 to 2008 is published by Les Indes Savantes.

In the preface, the author expressed his pride of meeting with General Giap when he was a correspondent and special envoy of l’Humanite newspaper in Hanoi in 1979 to cover the 25th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Victory.

Russcio said he never forgot that first meeting and later, whenever he returned to Vietnam Ruscio tried to see General Giap again. However, in January 2010, General Giap could not receive him because of his health condition at the age of 100.

With the General’s permission, Ruscio collected his writings, speeches and historic reports for five-part book to introduce General Giap’s life since he was a teacher of history, then became a patriotic youth, a guerrilla, a revolutionary theorist and a revolutionary practician to fight French colonialists and American imperialists.

Russico said he hoped that the book describes the portrait of a great talent military strategist of the Vietnam revolution to readers in Europe and around the world./.