Parents usually have to pay millions dongs for their kids to attend an English course with native speakers.

In Phap Van pagoda in Hoang Mai district Hanoi, every Sunday morning, children come to play and learn English with a native speaker. The thing is their parents don’t have to pay a cent.

The Happy Class was launched in July 2017. The class aims to offer a playground for kids whose parents are unable to afford expensive English courses.

The Happy Class has drawn dozens of children at different ages in the surrounding areas. Students are eager to learn English and have a good time together.

Aiming to provoke the interest in English among kids, however, many have developed their English proficiency.

Parents taking their kids to Happy Class now also have chance to learn English for free at the pagoda. The class for adults aims to fill in the waiting time of the parents while giving them English skills so they can help their own children.

The number of students is increasing. Founders hope that more teachers will offer their voluntary teaching so that more students will have the opportunity to learn English.