Private libraries, which have been established by individuals in rural areas over the past few years, are providing free access for local people and encouraging reading among children.

4 pm every day. A four storey house in Nghi Thai commune, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province is packed with local children who come to read books or play sports.

The so-called “Mr. Dung’s Library” accommodates a foreign language and computer room, a reading room, an entertainment room. It also provides food and drinks. All are for free.

Library owner Dang Khac Dung said "I was born and raised here, so I deeply understand what the kids need. I built this library so that it will become a destination for the kids. Here they can play, learn, and read books."

The library sits on a 200-sqm-land, locating right at the commune’s centre, making it most convenient for the kids to come and read.

Books, newspapers and magazines of all kinds are neatly arranged, letting children read and shelter themselves from the burning sunshine of the summer days.

Tran Quang Anh, a reader said "I felt very happy when the library is open here. There are so many good books at the library."

Meanwhile Vuong Thong Soai, another reader said "I often come here to read books. The books help me learn more about the world."

The library now owns of 4,000 book titles. It opens until 9 pm everyday. In recent days, many people have donated books to enrich the library, thus helping nurture the love for books.-VNA