A group of more than 40 doctors and nurses from the Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross Society on Jan. 11 provided free examination and treatment for 700 Vietnamese Cambodians and Cambodian poor people in Meanchey and Russey Keo Districts, Phnom Penh.

The social workers in coordination with the general association of Vietnamese Cambodians also presented gifts including medicine, cash, clothes and necessities to those people.

This is the 7th time the red cross conducts such activities for Vietnamese-Cambodians, said President of the red cross society Nguyen Thi Hue.

The group will do so on Jan. 12 with more than 300 people in Sihanouk city, 250 km southwest of Phnom Penh.

The society hopes that such activities could help ease difficulties facing Vietnamese-Cambodians as well as Cambodian poor, Hue stressed.

According to the official, her society will coordinate with other organisations to strengthen and diversify forms of assistance to Vietnamese Cambodians in the coming time, such as providing loans, means of production or business. -VNA