Cleft lip and palate is one of the commonest congenital abnormalities. Thanks to charitable surgeries by both domestic and foreign organisations, many parents are now relieved as their kids can gain back their smiles.

Pham Thi Thu’s baby was diagnosed with cleft lip in the womb, distressing his parents. The successful surgery when he was five-months-old was a huge relief for his mother.

Now many parents are fully aware of the defect. As soon as the baby is old enough for the surgery, the parents take them to hospitals for operations. 

Mothers’ infection with virus diseases and parents’ exposure to toxic chemicals are among the most common causes for the deformity. 

Timely surgery will help kids’ recover anatomical structure, avoiding difficulties in eating and pronunciation. The National Hospital of Odonto- Stomatology has been welcoming parents to register for free surgeries for their kids until the end of March.-VNA