The Vietnamese version of the novel “ Yersin- Peste et Cholera ” by French leading author Patrick Deville was introduced to Vietnamese readers during a French week held in the central highland city of Da Lat on December 11 by the French Embassy in Vietnam and Young Publishing House.

The work depicts the life and career of Swiss-French physician and bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin, his lifelong dedication to medicine and his 50-year stay in Vietnam, his second hometown .

The book was released in Vietnam on the occasion of the 70th death anniversary of Yersin and 120 years since the establishment of Da Lat city, which was discovered by Yersin himself in 1893. It is a meaningful piece of culture for Vietnamese book lovers and a way of showing gratitude to the French doctor.

The work won the 2012 Femina prize in France and entered the finals of the famed Goncourt prize.

Alexandre Yersin (1863 – 1943) is most remembered as the co-discoverer of the bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague in 1894.

The venerated doctor was credited in Vietnam with discovering Liang Biang Plateau, the site for Da Lat city in 1893 and founding the Nha Trang Pasteur institute in 1895.

Patrick Deville has published 11 works and they were translated into 12 languages.

Alongside “ Yersin- Peste et Cholera ”, “ Longue Vue” – the author’s first successful science fiction novel was also introduced to Vietnamese readers through the Vietnamese version translated by Nha Nam.-VNA