French band Subway from Marvejols in the Lozere Region will entertain capital audience in a single performance on Oct. 5.

Often hailed as the female version of Noir Desir, Subway has been making its mark on the French music scene for the past 15 years. Its sound infuses a frenzied style of rock that transports its entire musical dimension onto the stage.

Subway lives with creative passion and an inherent desire to make music and write songs, as if it were an extension of themselves. But despite the rock frenzy, there's always room for elegance, sublime harmonies, and a touch of class.

Subway is currently living the good life with Hide and Seek, its fifth album released this year. The band collaborated with some of the most prominent French bands of today's rock scene to create this album including Placebo, Eiffel, and No One is Innocent.

The four-member band, consisting of Sarah Julien (guitar), Adeline Lepicier (guitar, singer), Cleo Bigontona (bass) and Samantha Julien (drum and chorus), will play at 8pm on October 5 at The Youth Theatre, 11 Ngo Thi Nham street.

Tickets priced between 70,000 VND and 100,000 VND (3.5 USD and 5 USD) are available at L'Espace, 24 Trang Tien street ./.