An exhibition honouring French fighters for peace in Vietnam during wartime has been held in Paris, on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of late President Ho Chi Minh’s departure for national salvation (June 5, 1911-2014).

Raymonde Dien from the Communist Party of France, who protested against the French war in Vietnam by stopping a train carrying weapons to the country in 1950, is an example.

Journalist Madeleine Riffaud had written many articles and reportages highlighting the Vietnamese’s heroism and steadfastness during the US war.

Henri Martin, a sailor, refused to fight against Vietnamese people when he was ordered so.

The photos and documents on show also feature the life and revolutionary career of President Ho Chi Minh in France, where he perceived proletarian internationalism and received assistance from the peace-loving French.

Speaking at the June 7 opening ceremony, both Ambassador Duong Chi Dung and Director of the Vietnamese Culture Centre in France Le Hong Chuong said Vietnamese people always remember the affection and sacrifice of French friends for peace, friendship and solidarity between the two countries.-VNA