A Mistral-class landing helicopter dock ship of the French Navy (Photo: RIA)

The French Navy’s Mistral-class landing helicopter dock ship Dixmude arrived at the Changi Naval Base on April 24, starting a week-long visit to Singapore.

The visit is part of Jeanne D’Arc mission from the Indian Ocean to reach the Sea of Japan via the East Sea.

Speaking at a press conference on the ship, French Ambassador to Singapore Benjamin Dubertret said the two countries’ strategic partnership covers strengthening defence cooperation. They pledge to maintain commitments to regional security such as respecting the right to the freedom of navigation and combating piracy and terrorism.

Dixmude commanding officer Pierre de Briancon told Vietnam News Agency correspondents that during the five-month mission, the ship will engage in counter-piracy and terrorism activities, coordinate with navies of allied countries, provide aid in diplomatic policies, and give training to foreign navies.

After leaving Singapore, Dixmude will head to China’s Shanghai city before arriving in the Sea of Japan to participate in some activities with the navies of the US, Japan, and the Republic of Korea in late May.-VNA