The French-Vietnamese Conference on Innovation in Construction (CIGOS 2015) took place at the French ENS Cachan University on May 11 and 12, drawing many scientists and experts from the two countries.

President of ENS Cachan University, Pierre-Paul Zalio said the event, part of a series of French-Vietnamese scientific workshops, is a good opportunity for scientists from the two countries’ universities and research establishments to share their research and experience.

Ha Minh Cuong, a lecturer at Cachan, said the goal of the conference was to recommend ideas and development projects to minimise pollution, preserve energy, ensure sustainability and promote the environment.

The conference also discussed the training cooperation between Vietnam and France in construction, with a particular focus on ways to create new programmes that are more effective and better meet the demand of Vietnamese undergraduate students and postgraduate students.

The CIGOS was organised for the first time in 2010, and the second time in 2013.-VNA