The memories of his homeland and his love for it suffuse the works of Vietnamese-Polish artist Hoang Ngoc Huu whose works are on display at an exhibition in HCM City.

"I am happy to have my first ever solo exhibition in my home country," Huu says.

Hoi Tuong (Reminiscence), organised by the Lotus Gallery and HCM City Exhibition Centre, features 66 oil paintings he created back in Poland.

"Painting is both my soul and expression of love to the motherland and my family there," the 70-year-old artist said.

Many of the works are simply named – Vietnam , Thieu Nu Hue (Hue Woman) and Le Hoi Hai Ba Trung (Festival Memorising Trung Sisters).

He also pays tribute to his new life in Poland through paintings like Thieu Nu Ba Lan (Polish Woman).

Huu, who was born in Hue , moved to Poland in 1969 to continue his studies in shipbuilding and went on to marry a local woman.

In 1983, instead of writing a diary, he began to draw to register his nostalgia for his homeland.

His works have been displayed at several solo and group exhibitions in Poland , Germany , Russia , Japan , and China .

The exhibition, at the HCM City Exhibition Centre, 92 Le Thanh Ton street , runs until Jan. 20./.