Vietnamese will have a greater chance to read Russian books and vice versa, translators said at a ceremony to promote the Vietnam-Russia Literature Fund.

The fund was established by Vietnamese and Russian writers and translators to create a bridge between the two literatures, to raise money to popularise their literatures and to support translators.

The Russian version of War Martyr Dang Thuy Tram’s Diary will be introduced in July as a result of cooperation between the two countries’ translators. Vietnamese novels by Ma Van Khang and Khai Hung will be translated into Russian as well.

The writers and translators have volunteered to contribute money to run the fund instead of waiting for the State and organisations, translator Vu The Khoi said.

“I expect that the fund will support young translators,” Khoi said. “Veteran translators like Thuy Toan, the fund’s director, are at the age of 75. I look to the next generation”.-VNA