“Lang House-Dream of Rebirth” is the theme of a fund-raising campaign for rebuilding an ancient Lang house launched by the Muong’s Cultural Space Museum and Betado.com, a public fundraising website.

The thatched roof house, the last of its kind of the Muong ethnic people in the northern Hoa Binh province, had been preserved for generations by a local family in Tan Lac district before it was moved to the museum. However, the century-old structure was destroyed in 2013 by a flame after a group of tourists built a fire inside the house to cook corn without permission.

The Lang house has significant meaning in the culture and spiritual life of the Muong ethnic minority people, said Director of the museum Vu Duc Hieu, adding that the museum is calling for support to restore this ancient architecture.

The public can subscribe to the charitable campaign through Betado.com. There they can find information about the aims and activities of the campaign as well as the role of the Lang house in the Muong’s culture.

Nguyen Khanh Duong, a representative from Betado.com said they expect to raise about 600 million VND (27,900 USD) through the three-month event.

A fashion performance inspired from the Muong costume and a gallery exhibition will also take place in May to assist the restoration of the ancient house.-VNA