The Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) cut its retail prices for a number of fuel types nationwide from 18:00 on October 23.

Accordingly, three petrol types saw a reduction of 550 VND per litre, including RON 95, which is now priced 22,940 VND, and RON 92 and E5 bio-petrol, which now cost 22,340 VND.

Meanwhile, diesel prices enjoyed slighter cut of between 440-480VND per litre. 0.05S was charged 19,760 VND per litre, while 0.02S diesel fuel cost 19,710 VND. Kerosene price was also declined to 20,060 VND per litre.

This was the 20 th time Petrolimex has adjusted its fuel prices since the beginning of 2014.

This time’s price slash made RON 95 and RON 92 petrol prices go down by 1,770 VND and 1,870 VND in January-October.

The Ministry of Finance reported that fuel prices in the world market continuously declined during the one-month period from September 23-October 22.-VNA