Garment-textile sector eyes 39 billion USD in export turnover hinh anh 1Vietnam’s garment-textile sector sets a target of 39 billion USD in export revenue this year (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam’s garment-textile sector sets a target of 39 billion USD in export revenue this year, equal to that of 2019, according to the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex).

Last year, due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US-China trade tensions, the trade protectionism and the Brexit, Vietnam’s garment-textile exports reached only 35 billion USD.

However, the result is still remarkable given the global demand dropping over 22 percent.

In 2020, Vietnam was the only among the world’s top five garment-textile exporters not to have to cease production.

Vinatex recorded total revenue of 15.5 trillion VND (670.7 million USD) and combined profits of 628.9 billion VND, equal to 106 percent and 164.8 percent of the set targets, respectively.

Vinatex Chairman Le Tien Truong suggested the Government cut long-term interest rates, elaborating that garment-textile firms would find it hard to access loans after a year of low business efficiency.

Enterprises hope for specific policies to be adopted by the Government to assist the support industry in the sector, he added.

According to Truong, localities have supported the sustainable and clean production of the garment-textile industry which, he said, must follow global rules set for the supply chain.

Under the Government management, the sector has reduced non-production costs, especially those for logistics services through the national logistics network, and other non-tariff costs./.