The Vietnamese embassies and representative agencies abroad have placed funeral books and organised memorial services for General Vo Nguyen Giap, who devoted all of his life to the revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese nation.

On October 13, in the Republic of Korea (RoK), the Vietnamese Embassy’s staff and tens of delegations of Vietnamese people who are living, working and studying in the country paid their last respect to the national hero.

At the event, Ambassador Tran Trong Toan highlighted General Giap’s great contributions to the struggle for national independence and national development.

Although the service had finished, all the participants stayed at the site to watch the memorial service for the General broadcast live from the Hanoi-based National Funeral House. Many of them could not hold back their tears when witnessing the last images of the General.

The same day, similar events were also held by the Vietnamese delegation to the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva , Switzerland and the Vietnamese embassies in Thailand , Laos , Algeria and Israel .

Earlier, at 7:00 am on October 13, the solemn memorial services for General Giap were organised simultaneously in Hanoi , the central province of Quang Binh – his native land, and Ho Chi Minh City .

Besides, such events also took place in all other localities and military units nationwide.

General Vo Nguyen Giap passed away in Hanoi on October 4 at the age of 103.
General Giap, real name Vo Giap (alias Van), was born in Loc Thuy commune, Le Thuy district, the central province of Quang Binh on August 25, 1911.

He served as a Politburo member, Secretary of the Central Military Commission, Standing Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defence, Commander-in-Chief of the Vietnamese People’s Army and a National Assembly deputy from the first to seventh tenure.

He led the Vietnamese people to victory over the French army and then the American.-VNA