German jazz musician Michael Schiefel will perform a free solo concert in the Hanoi Goethe Institute's courtyard on the evening of May 21.

Schiefel will perform songs from his latest solo album, My Home Is My Tent, released in 2010.

On May 22, he'll join artists from JumpforJazz, a group founded by saxophonist Nguyen Bao Long, which supports jazz and its musicians in Vietnam.

Schiefel, a singer, experiments with his distinctive voice on electronic loop devices, creating a choir made up solely of his voice.

Wanting to join the emerging jazz scene in Berlin, Schiefel, born in 1970, moved there in the early 1990s to study at the city's University of the Arts.

Since then, he has dazzled listeners at home and abroad with an array of solo and big band projects that have yielded a dozen albums over the last decade. He started teaching jazz vocals at the Weimar Academy of Music in 2001, becoming the youngest music professor in Germany.

Schiefel has released four solo albums using different electronic techniques.

In conjunction with his original compositions, his dynamic mixture of vocals and electronics produces unique expressions of passion, joy and alienation.

Schiefel also collaborates on a wide range of projects. He plays at numerous festivals and teaches master classes throughout Europe. He has also performed as a guest artist at the Goethe Institute in the US, Africa and Asia.-VNA