German stars to take Vietnam stage in November hinh anh 1Five-member Von Wegen Lisbeth band will tour big cities in Vietnam (Photo: Marian Lenhard)

Hanoi (VNA) - German indie pop band Von Wegen Lisbeth will tour Vietnam from November 4 to 13, performing and interacting with fans and youngsters who are learning German.

The tour includes two concerts, one in Hanoi and another in HCM City.

The band started when five German students started the hardcore punk outfit Harry Hurtig. Their music gradually evolved into indie pop under the influence of Gameboy games, and Von Wegen Lisbeth was founded in 2006. Originally students of architecture, film music, mathematics, electrical engineering and media design, the band members took a study break to concentrate on their album and tour.

In the beginning, the band played with just an old guitar and a drum machine. Like so many others, their career began with a Youtube video. A song that made fun of the social media, ironically, their cheerful Sushi went viral on Facebook.

Von Wegen Lisbeth released their first single CD, And Suddenly the Salmon, in 2014 and went on their first solo tour in 2015. Because of their indie pop style and German lyrics, they are said to be influenced by the Hamburger Schule.

Hugely popular in Germany, the band’s concerts, after their first album Grande was released in July, were sold out. They have also performed at music fests such as Appletree Garden Festival, Kosmonaut Festival and Fusion Festival this year.

Students learning German will get a chance to meet and talk to the band. In Hanoi, The performances and interactions will be held at Hanoi University and Hanoi National University in morning on November 4, 6 and 7.

The same activities will take place at Phuong Dong College and the Foreign Language College in Da Nang city, on November 9, and at Hue Teacher’s Training College in Thua Thien-Hue province on November 10.

In HCM City, students at HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanities and German learners from HCM City Goethe Institute will talk and see Von Wegen Lisbeth’s performances on November 14.-VNA