Development Bank of Germany (KFW) has provided 1.2 million EUR for the “Carbon reserve and preservation of biodiversity” project worth almost 1.8 million EUR.

The project, imlemented by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), marks efforts of both Vietnam and Germany in the conservation of biodiversity, said Alice Salburg-Falkenstein, a KFW representative, at the project’s launch ceremony on August 11, in the central province of Quang Nam, a target area of the project.

It is part of a larger-scale scheme named “Decreasing deforestation and forest degradation in the border area of Central Vietnam and Southern Laos ”, which is designed to protect carbon reserves and biodiversity.

The four-year project, starting this year, will strive for sustainable management of an area of 200,000 hectares of border forest in the central Truong Son mountain range.

With three natural reserves, including the Sao La Nature Reserve, the extended Bach Ma National Park of Vietnam and the Xe Sap Nature Reserve of Laos, the target region absorbs a large volume of carbon and is home to a significant range of flora and fauna.

The project will also focus on improving capacity and management at the Sao La Nature Reserve, raising the quality of natural forest in the Tay Giang corridor in Quang Nam while heightening State management in Sekong and Saravan provinces of Laos and monitoring the illegal cross-border timber trade./.