A friendship get-together with Cambodian students studying in Vietnam was held in Hanoi on December 15 on the occasion of the 35 th anniversary of the victory over the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime in Cambodia (January 7, 1979- January 7, 2014).

The event was organised by the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association and the Quan doi Nhan dan (People’s Army) newspaper in conjunction with the Vietnam Academy of Military Medicine.

Addressing the event, Cambodian Ambassador to Vietnam Hul Phani expressed deep gratitude to Vietnamese people for their support of Cambodia people’s struggle to liberate themselves from the regime as well as in the current national construction and development cause.

He underlined the historical significance of the victory on January 7, 1979 , saying that it is the day of revival for the Cambodian country and its people, opening up a new page of peace and happiness in the nation’s history. He affirmed that Vietnamese volunteer soldiers made important contributions to this victory.

The Ambassador also spoke highly of Vietnam ’s help in training Cambodia students, adding that many students are playing an active role in national construction after returning from Vietnam , thus further deepening the close friendship between the two countries.

Pisey, head of the delegation of Cambodian students in Vietnam, said he has learnt from history books and family how happy it is to escape from genocide, adding that he himself feels the warm sentiment from the Vietnamese Party, State and people to Cambodian students when studying in Vietnam.-VNA