A total of 200 disadvantaged rural households in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai were provided with 30m2 houses on September 14, donated by the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Vietinbank).

The total investment was worth more than 11.2 billion VND (526,400 USD).

The majority of beneficiaries are of the Bahnar-J’rai communities in the province’s six poor districts of Chu Prong, Chu Se, Chu Puh, Phu Thien, Mang Ya and Krong Pa.

In Ia Mor commune in Chu Prong district, 50 houses were constructed, making it the first commune to eliminate household poverty based on housing conditions.

In recent years, Gia Lai has received 120 billion VND (5.64 million USD) from Vietinbank for its social welfare programmes, building a total of 500 houses for the poor, two schools and two communal houses.

With an area of more than 15,500 square kilometres, Gia Lai is home to more than 1.2 million people (2009 statistics), including 34 ethnic groups such as the Bahnar, Xo Dang, Thai and Muong.-VNA