The Central Highlands province of Gia Lai over the past years has worked to protect its Kon Ka Kinh National Park through a wide range of activities, especially those designed to improve local students’ knowledge and awareness.

Since 2013, the park’s environmental education and service centre has opened 40 classes for some 1,200 students of primary and junior high schools in Dak Doa, Mang Yang and K’Bang districts, which are located in its buffer zone.

After visiting the park, they were encouraged to engage in competitions of drawing maps and paintings as a way to express their views on biodiversity issues and call for forest protection.

Class organisers also worked with local authorities to hold exchange programmes where students had a chance to convey messages on consequences of deforestation and poaching to local residents through their plays.

The Kon Ka Kinh National Park is one of the seven ASEAN Heritage Parks in Vietnam.

It has 33,565 hectares of natural forests, which are home to 652 species of vascular plants, 42 mammal species, 160 types of birds, 51 reptile and 209 butterfly species. Up to 34 floral and 29 fauna species in the park are listed in the Vietnam Red Book.-VNA