Gia Lai raises public awareness of malaria prevention hinh anh 1Illustration photo. (Source: Internet))
Gia Lai (VNA) – There’s a need to change people’s awareness and behaviours in order to sustainably control malaria, said Phan Gia Cong, Director of the Centre for Malaria Control and Prevention of the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai.

When having any possible symptoms of malaria, people should go to the medical clinics for treatment, he added.

The centre has actively collaborated with local authorities to implement malaria prevention measures, including the provision of more than 562,000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets for local residents and about 2,000 hammock mosquito nets for people who work in the jungles.

In Krongpa district, a malaria hot spot with 70 percent of cases in the province last year, the provincial health sector has sent staff to spray mosquito repellents, ensuring safety for over 100,000 locals.

Thanks to the efforts, the province’s malaria prevention has seen positive results. In 2015, Gia Lai reported 2,000 cases of malaria, a decrease of 40 percent compared to last year. Especially, no death caused by malignant malaria has been recorded so far this year.-VNA