The global campaign on climate change was launched in Ho Chi Minh City on August 11.

Themed “Moving planet”, the campaign this year in Vietnam is organised nationwide with many activities such as climate camps to provide training on climate change and help for residents who are directly affected by climate change in HCM City ’s Can Gio district.

The global campaign also includes communication campaigns at schools to raise awareness on climate change, build a preference towards “green” living and encourage renewable energy sources, and call on families and agencies to paint their house roofs white and plant creepers on walls to reduce indoor temperature and save energy.

On the global action day, which will fall on September 24, the campaign coordination board will encourage thousands of people to commute to schools and offices by bicycle or on foot.

The highlight point of the event will be a moving art festival which will showcase environmentally themed paintings made of straws, a breakdance contest and a week of no straws in cafes in HCM City .

The campaign is designed to fight climate change and has been launched in 188 countries, said Hoang Minh Hong, a coordinator of the national campaign. 350 means 350ppm – the maximum safe level for the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere according to scientists’ latest calculation, she said.

The current CO2 concentration is at 393ppm, so there is an urgent need to engage in prompt actions to avoid serious consequences caused by climate change./.