The Global System Mobile Association (GSMA), which represents the worldwide mobile communications industry, has congratulated    Vietnam on opening the door to a mobile broadband future. 
The congratulation was extended after Viettel, VinaFone, MobiFone, and a consortium including EVN Telecom and Hanoi Telecom were selected by the Ministry of Information and Communications to run mobile broadband services in Vietnam.    
In a recently released statement, the GSMA also wrote that the efficient licensing process that concluded last week will see the launch of advanced mobile broadband services in the next quarter, addressing pent-up demand for broadband and catalysing economic growth in   Vietnam  . 
“This is a very important step for Vietnam – technologically, economically, and socially,” said Ricardo Tavares, Public Policy officer of the GSMA, adding that the licensing heralds a new era of high-speed internet access in a country where 66 percent of the population use mobile phones, but only 3 percent can use broadband at home.  


Spanning 219 countries, the GSMA unites more than 750 of the world’s mobile operators, as well as 200 companies in the broadband mobile ecosystem, including handset makers, software companies, equipment providers, internet companies, and media and entertainment organisations./.