The 2,500 year-old board game of Go has become more and more popular in Vietnam, partly thanks to Go clubs which gather Go lovers from every social strata. The Vietnam – RoK Go club is no exception. Established in 2012, the club has attracted many Go players within Hanoi, boosting cultural exchange between the two countries.

Having played Go since a child, Than Thi Hanh Linh found the Vietnam – RoK Go club six months ago as a venue to learn and practice the board game with Go players in Hanoi. She comes here three times a week.

Likewise, many young Go players in Hanoi have joined the Vietnam – RoK Go club. Here they can learn form professional players from Vietnam and the Republic of Korea, one of the highest-ranking countries for Go.

Besides teaching Go, the club often holds tournaments in Vietnam and overseas, including events for kids from both nations. The competitions offer Go players opportunities to improve their skills. The game, called baduk in the Korean language, also teaches players manners, including punctuality, patience, care in doing things and so forth.

Vietnam’s Go community has soared recently in world and regional charts, reaching first place in Southeast Asia Go Tournament and top prize in World’s young Go players’ tournament 2015. The success is attributed to the activities of Go clubs across Vietnam, including the Vietnam – RoK Go club.

The club is striving to establish an institute of board games for kids, with a view to specialising Go training in Vietnam. The institute is expected to help popularise Go among Vietnamese and boost Vietnam – RoK cultural exchanges.-VNA