Ten new films by successful film-makers from Germany will be presented at a festival from September 5 to October 3 in Hanoi , Hai Phong, Hue , Da Nang , Ho Chi Minh City , Nha Trang and, for the first time, Thai Nguyen.

The Goethe Institute said the festival would present two films dealing with German history. Barbara is the story of a woman torn between two countries, the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany, and likewise between two men.

The co-existence of different cultures is a topic addressed in the movie Kaddish for a Friend. Set in Berlin , it portrays the development of an exceptional friendship between a Palestinian boy and a Jewish World War II Veteran.

Comedy and drama are an integral part of Vincent Wants to Go to Sea, Home for the Weekend and Stopped on Track.

The post-apocalyptic thriller Hell gives an impression of a world where the sun has turned the earth into a lifeless wasteland where humans struggle to survive.

Entertainment for the whole family is offered with Victor and the Secret of Crocodile Mansion and Animals United – Adventure in Africa .

The only documentary presented at the festival, Sound of Heimat – Germany Sings! provides an insight into the lively, inventive and creative traditional German music scene.

This is the fourth time the Goethe Institute has organised the festival. Free tickets can be collected from the Goethe Institute.-VNA