Goethe Institute launches Culture Lab hinh anh 1Mat Tran Ensemble will perform a multisensory puppet show entitled The Little Peanut on November 11 (Photo: Mat Tran Ensemble)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - The Hanoi Goethe Institute has launched Culture Lab to support the development of the arts and artistic dialogue in a world hit by COVID-19.

The project is an open call for music, performances and discussions every Monday evening from July to December 2020.

"This is the first time we have launched this kind of project, which I think is meaningful to both artists and audiences," said the institute's director, Wilfried Eckstein, at a press conference held in Hanoi on September 28.

"We had the challenge of social distancing when we began the project in July. Culture Lab encourages local creative artists to present and try out new things.

"It also strengthens the cohesion of artists and art lovers and uses the rest of the year as an opportunity for inspiration for everyone. Vietnam is one of the few countries which can carry out a small project like this during COVID-19."

All the performances are being held at the institute's multi-function room.

Electronic musician Pham Duong Phu, choroegrapher and dancer Nguyen Duy Thanh and set designer Dang Xuan Truong performed a show entitled Hoa Giay - Mot Cau Chuyen Co Tich (Bougainvillea - A Fairy Tale) on Monday night.

It was a theatrical interpretation of Bougainvillea by Phú consisting of music, dance and performance art.

Thanh and Truong have collaborated on developing scenes, lightings and movement languages.

Thanh is one of the first Vietnamese artists to combine hip hop with traditional Asian dance.

He played in the installation theatre entitled Everything that Happened and Would Happen in 2018-19 season with the world-famous German composer and director Heiner Goebbels in London, New York and Bochum in Germany.

On October 5, Phu will perform the piece with other electro musicians. He will also talk about finding his sound buried with poetic yet provocative rhythms and his attempt to sculpt many of his conceptual sides through music.

The fairy tale is an invitation to discover and partially depict today's stories.
Under the project, selected artists will receive support with the venue, production costs, techniques, communication, setup and organisation.

The artists include established and emerging musician Tri Minh, dancer Vu Ngoc Khai, Mat Tran Ensemble, cellist Bui Ha Mien and fashion designer Vu Thao.

Audiences can register online at bit.ly/324RDcn. Audience numbers will be in accordance with national regulations and the performance format./.