Le Minh Son (centre), a reporter of VietnamPlus e-newspaper, won the first prize in the category of photos taken with mobile phones (Photo: VietnamPlus)


Hanoi (VNA) – Works submitted to the fifth edition of the “Khoanh Khac Vang” (Golden Moment) annual press photo contest helped viewers feel the topicality of major events and important hallmarks in all aspects of the country over the past year.

The prize awarding ceremony of the fifth edition of the “Khoanh Khac Vang” press photo contest officially took place at the National News Centre at No. 5, Ly Thuong Kiet street, Hanoi.

According to the jury, the fifth edition of “Khoang Khac Vang” was a successful contest as both the quantity and quality of photos increased as compared to the previous year. Especially, this year marked the first time the contest has a prize category for photos taken with mobile phones.

VietnamPlus reporter wins the first prize

Le Minh Son, a reporter of VietnamPlus e-newspaper, won the first prize in the category of photos taken with mobile phones with a photo collection entitled “Extinguish a warehouse spanning thousands of metres next to Nuoc Ngam bus station.”

The fire broke out at about 15:00 on November 11, 2018. “Right after receiving information about the fire, I rushed to the scene, quickly took photos and sent information back to the newspaper office. It was very difficult to approach the spot as the fire spread on a warehouse spanning more than 300 sq.m. Toxic smoke continuously pervaded, making it hard to get information. I always stood behind and watched firefighters because I know that the most beautiful moments will come when I follow closely the scene and figures,” reporter Minh Son said.

The photo that reporter Minh Son likes the most (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Among the photos, reporter Minh Son likes the most the one capturing a firefighter was spraying water into his face by himself to cool down after almost half an hour fighting with the fire.

“I think that no matter what kinds of cameras or equipment are used to take photo but it is more important to deal with circumstances. Mobile phones are very useful for reporters in their jobs, especially in urgent events,” Minh Son shared.

According to Nguyen Thang, Editor-in-chief of Vietnam Pictorial (Vietnam News Agency) and Permanent Vice Chairman of the fifth “Khoanh Khac Vang” Press Photo Award Council, using mobile phones is one of the modern journalism trends. In fact, together with the development of technologies, many reporters have used mobile phones in their jobs and taken good photos.

“Since the third edition of the contest (2010), the organisers have paid attention to photos shot with mobile phones. However, at that time, photos taken with mobile phones had yet to make impression and they are just for fun. But in the fifth edition of the contest, the quality of photos taken with mobile phones have been improved remarkably,” Thang said.

A prestigious playground for photographers

The fifth edition of the “Khoanh Khac Vang” press photo contest was organised by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA). From September 6 to December 16, 2018, the organisers received 6,428 works, including 5,102 single photos and 775 collections of photos, from 632 photographers across the country. In the category of photos shot with mobile phones, 507 single photos and 44 sets of photos were submitted to the contest.

“The entries not only ensure the topicality but also show the careful preparations of photographers from selecting the angle to editing and choosing the photos,” said a representative of the jury.

The organisers selected 25 outstanding entries to honour at the award ceremony, including one special, two first, four second, six third and ten consolation prizes.

The special prize was presented to the photo set “Luc luong gin giu hoa binh Viet Nam xuat quan lam nhiem vu quoc te” (Vietnam’s peacekeepers leave for international missions) taken by photographer Nguyen Tien Thanh.

One photo in the photo collection wining the special prize by photographer Nguyen Tien Thanh (Photo: VietnamPlus)

In the morning of October 1, 2018, the Ministry of National Defence hosted a ceremony at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City to see off 63 military medical staff of level-2 field hospital to carry out peacekeeping mission in South Sudan. This was the first time Vietnam has sent an independent unit to directly participate in the United Nations peacekeeping missions.

“As an event of great significance, I managed to capture every moment to have photos that not only ensure the topicality but also depict their feelings. Besides, the editing and selection of photos are also very important to form a collection of photos with different angles, telling the story about Vietnamese peacekeepers,” said photographer Nguyen Tien Thanh.

The entries (in both categories of collection and single photos) reflected vividly almost all “hot” events and major issue in all spheres (politics, economy, culture-society, science-technology, sports, etc) in the country. Of them, many works indicated the own angles of photographers with unique characters and attracting public interest. Especially, the editing of photo collections has been improved greatly.

VNA General Director Nguyen Duc Loi (centre), who is a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, and delegates watch the exhibited photos at the award ceremony (Photo: VietnamPlus)


Speaking at the award ceremony, VNA Deputy General Director Le Quoc Minh stressed that: “The works helped viewers feel the topical atmosphere with many major events and important hallmarks in all aspects of the country over the past year.”

After five editions, the contest has gathered hundreds of journalists and photographers from all parts of the country with thousands of high-quality press photos. “This fact affirms the increasing attractiveness and prestige of the ‘Khoanh Khac Vang’ press photo contest. The Vietnam News Agency has spared no effort to successfully host the annual contest, considering it as an important professional activity to enhance the quality of Vietnamese press photos,”  Le Quoc Minh said.

To help the “Khoanh Khac Vang” contest spread further, the Vietnam News Agency is developing a website for the award at www.khoanhkhacvang.vnanet.vn. All photos wining the prizes throughout the contest’s editions are uploaded onto the website for public reference.-VNA