The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) organised an auction for government bonds issued by the State Treasury, including bonds with five-, ten- and fifteen-year terms, mobilising a total of 5 trillion VND (238 million USD).

Fifteen bidders signed up for 5.12 trillion VND worth of 5-year bonds, seeking annual interest rates of 5-6.3 percent. In the end, bonds worth one trillion VND were sold at interest rates of 5.05 percent.

Ten bidders registered for 3.979 trillion VND worth of 10-year bonds, seeking annual interest rates of 6-8 percent. Bonds worth two trillion VND were sold with an interest rate of 6.28 percent per year.

A total of 2.92 trillion VND worth of 15-year bonds was registered by 8 bidders looking for interest rates of 6.7–7.8 percent per year. The State Treasury sold bonds worth two trillion VND at an annual interest rate of 6.96 percent.

Since the beginning of this year, the State Treasury has mobilised more than 176 trillion VND through government bonds.-VNA