The Government Inspectorate held a press conference in Hanoi on July 23 to disclose the inspection results from the first half of this year.

From January-June, the agency conducted 2,842 administrative inspections and 116,334 specialised ones nationwide, detecting economic law violations involving almost 11.3 trillion VND (around 525 million USD) and 655.7 hectares of land.

The sector proposed reclaiming nearly 7.6 trillion VND (362 million USD) and 514.7 hectares of land, of which 6.2 trillion VND (295.3 million USD) has already been returned to the State budget.

Inspectors also issued 106,562 decisions on offending organisations and individuals, collecting 1.8 trillion VND (83.1 million USD) in fines, and passed 28 cases involving 76 individuals to criminal investigation agencies.

During the period, the agency brought 29 corruption cases to light with 58 people and 27.5 billion VND (1.3 million USD) involved.

Deputy Chief of the Government Inspectorate Ngo Van Khanh said in the second half of this year, the agency will continue inspecting corruption-prone fields such as land management, natural resources, construction investment, finance, banking and trade.

The sector will work to ensure the progress, quality and efficiency of the inspections while fine-tuning anti-corruption mechanisms and ensuring transparency and publicity in budgets and land and natural resources management, he added.-VNA