The Government Inspectorate held a press conference in Hanoi on April 15 to report the inspection results from the first quarter of 2015.

The agency revealed that 1,480 administrative and 32,897 specialised inspections were conducted nationwide in the first three months of 2015, discovering violations involving over 3.5 trillion VND (166.7 million USD) and 57.7 hectares of land.

Inspectors asked 1.99 trillion VND and 54.9 hectares of land to be reclaimed while requesting authorised agencies deal with the remaining.

They also collected fines of 138.3 billion VND (6.58 million USD) for administrative violations, proposed administrative punishments for 130 collectives and 186 individuals, and transferred 20 cases and 31 people involved to investigation agencies.

During the reviewed period, seven corruption cases involving nine people were detected with a combined monetary value of 27.5 billion VND (1.3 million USD). Inspectors proposed administrative punishments on nine individuals and penal punishments in six cases and on seven individuals.

State administrative agencies handled 6,299 complaints and denunciations, accounting for 55 percent of the filed cases, the report said.

In the second quarter, the Government Inspectorate will enhance unscheduled inspections, especially of Heads of State managerial agencies over their implementation of legal regulations on inspections, settlements of complaints and denunciations and corruption prevention and combat, they said.-VNA