Government issues action plans for 2016-2021 period hinh anh 1The Prime Minister speaks during a monthly cabinet meeting at the Government’s headquarters in Hanoi. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – The Government has issued a plan of action for 2016-2021, focusing on six major tasks, including the implementation of measures to reform the growth model and improve the quality of growth.

The plan aims to streamline the Government, enhancing the quality of officials and public servants, while improving the material and spiritual life of people, settling urgent issues, ensuring social welfare and speeding up sustainable poverty reduction.

The government will concentrate on developing people’s morality, lifestyle, knowledge and capacity, according to the plan.

It affirms the government’s determination in struggling for national independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, ensuring political security and social order and safety, and increasing the efficiency of external relations with active international integration, maintaining an environment of peace and stability to create favourable conditions for national development.

The plan highlights the need to simplify the Government structure towards building a constructive Government of purity, strength and integrity, which serves the people and aims to create favourable conditions for business and investment activities.

Cabinet members will be responsible to the Party, State and people for their assigned tasks, it said, clarifying individuals’ responsibility in specific tasks.

The plan also defines the strengthening of industrialisation and modernisation in line with the fourth industrial revolution, with a focus on modernising and industrialising agriculture along with building new-style rural areas.

The Government asked Ministers and heads of minister-level agencies and other Government agencies as well as leaders of localities to build their own plans of action for the whole period and each year, while reviewing, adjusting and supplementing policies and planning to be submitted to the Government and the Prime Minister throughout the Government’s 2016-2020 tenure.-VNA