No logging is allowed within natural major protection forests nationwide, according to a recently adopted decision on the management and use of these areas.

The decision reflects the government’s support towards sustainable growth. For instance, all exploitation of natural resources must not affect the forests and must be in accordance with regulations on protecting forests, the environment and ecological diversity.

In protection forests planted using State funding, it is permitted to log supplementary trees and collect rotten or burned wood and branches and roots, while maintaining at least 600 trees per hectare. In privately-funded forests, the main trees only can be cut down when meeting required standards and exploitation capacity must not surpass 30 percent of the overall tree density.

At the same time, the document allows the use of protection forests for eco-tourism under the permission from relevant agencies, and for scientific research and education. However, the collection of specimens in the forests for scientific and educational purposes requires approval.

Forest management boards and individuals who are contracted to take care of protection forests are allowed to conduct agro-fisheries production on empty land or water areas and earn all profits after taxes and other fees.-VNA