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The Vietnam Government Portal (VGP) is posting information on social networks as part of a pilot programme, according to top officials at the Government Office.

Vi Quang Dao, General Director of the VGP, said that at the Government Office’s year-end meeting the office was assigned by the Prime Minister to spread government information to the public.

The VGP started providing government information on social networks on a trial basis in October through a government information page on Facebook, said Dao.

Earlier, the VGP created a media page on YouTube and a national competitiveness forum on Facebook, he added.

Dao said communiqués sent to the press agencies were posted on the Facebook page.

Le Manh Ha, Vice Head of the Government Office, said it was necessary to join social networks because of their huge influence.

The Government Office has been weighing creating a partnership with Facebook to spread information in a more official capacity, said Ha.-VNA