The Prime Minister and Cabinet members undertook a number of efforts to implement the National Assembly’s resolutions after the question and answer (Q&A) sessions, while also promptly responding with socio-economic policies, according to a Government report.

The report, which was delivered by Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on November 17 at the eighth plenary of the 13th National Assembly before the Q&A sessions, outlined the areas where obvious changes had been made.

In agriculture, alongside the State budget approved expenditures, the Government rolled out a number of measures to mobilise resources for the sector’s growth as well as the development of rural areas, it said.

The Government focused on infrastructure building, especially in transport, irrigation and dyke systems, contributing to the promotion of production and increasing localities’ capacity in coping with natural disasters and climate change, the report said.

In terms of interior affairs, the Government reshuffled the administrative organizational system and representative offices abroad, minimising the number of public servants and ensuring the effective allocation of employees for state agencies, according to the report.

Other areas, such as information-communications, finance, education-training and the judiciary have also been paid a lot of consideration, it said.

Additionally, the report also acknowledged a number of shortcomings, especially poor investment attraction in agriculture and rural areas, and limitations in seeking markets for farm produce, as well as the inefficient management of prices and the quality of agricultural equipment.

During the discussion, which was broadcast live on television, Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh reported on the Government Inspectorate’s achievements in handling complaints, especially in land and corruption-related cases.

He said in 2014, the sector received 81,000 complaints, 68.2 percent of which were related to land. He attributed the situation to ineffective directions on the implementation of the Land Law, as well as poor management of land.

As of October this year, 500 out of 528 prolonged cases were solved, he noted.

According to Deputy PM Phuc, the Government continuously takes the opinions of deputies seriously, and will work harder to make management smoother.

He pledged that after this sitting’s Q&A session, the Government will review the results of the implementation of National Assembly’s resolution, while further clarifying the duty of ministers and sectors’ leaders.-VNA